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Buchholz, W., Cansier, D. Modelle ökologisch begrenzten Wachstums. Journal of Contextual Economics – Schmollers Jahrbuch, 100(2), 141-161.
Buchholz, Wolfgang and Cansier, Dieter "Modelle ökologisch begrenzten Wachstums" Journal of Contextual Economics – Schmollers Jahrbuch 100.2, 1980, 141-161.
Buchholz, Wolfgang/Cansier, Dieter (1980): Modelle ökologisch begrenzten Wachstums, in: Journal of Contextual Economics – Schmollers Jahrbuch, vol. 100, iss. 2, 141-161, [online]


Modelle ökologisch begrenzten Wachstums

Buchholz, Wolfgang | Cansier, Dieter

Journal of Contextual Economics – Schmollers Jahrbuch, Vol. 100 (1980), Iss. 2 : pp. 141–161

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Buchholz, Wolfgang

Cansier, Dieter


This paper considers the integration of ecological parameters into models of balanced economic growth. We depart from a common basic model, which makes the postkeynesian and neoclassical case more comparable and which helps to clarify the common theoretical features existing despite different aeological assumptions. The literature completely neglects the analysis of transition processes leading to an ecological-economic equilibrium. So in the framework of a postkeynesian model particular attention is paid to this question. In our view the complications of the neoclassical version of the basic model lead to a loss of plausibility and only yield a small gain in insight. An alternative neoclassical approach which is finally outlined contributes to partial improvements compensated by losses of information.