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Terms of Use

1. Approved Users, Registration and Access Data

1.1. Only Approved Users of a licensed institution/library are granted access to the Duncker & Humblot eLibrary. Approved Users are:

  • current members of the Licensee's teaching staff,
  • library employees and other persons employed by the Licensee,
  • persons currently registered as students at an institution of the Licensee,
  • visitors to the library (Walk-in users).

1.2. It is necessary to register for a personalized user account in order to profit from some of the features of the Duncker & Humblot eLibrary. Please register your personal data and choose your username and password. It is not allowed to register multiply as well as to circulate access data to third parties.

1.3. It is important to keep the personal access data secret. If you observe irregularities that harden the suspicion that your user account is used by third parties, change immediately your password and inform your institutions/libraries contact person about it.

2. Use of contents and rights of third parties

2.1. For private use or for purposes of research it is allowed to view and search the content and to make individual printouts or electronic copies of individual articles or books. If you prepare these contents for teaching materials, you are obliged to make sure the access to these materials is only available for approved users.

2.2. Duncker & Humblot GmbH reserves the right to investigate in case of unauthorized use or other breach of contract and to take measures to exclude the offending party from further use of the Duncker & Humblot eLibrary momentarily or, according to the seriousness of the case, permanently.

3. Data security and data protection

When you register for the Duncker & Humblot eLibrary we collect the following data:

  • Name
  • Email address

Any personal data will be treated confidentially and will not be given away to third parties. D&H is allowed to use the personal data above for support reasons (e.g. messages informing about maintenance activities etc.), for the administration of the user accounts and for reasons of market research relative to improve the Duncker & Humblot eLibrary's usability.
In addition, the General Licensing Conditions for Digital Content shall apply.