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Kaufhold, A. Instrumente und gerichtliche Kontrolle der Finanzaufsicht. Die Verwaltung, 49(3), 339-368.
Kaufhold, Ann-Katrin "Instrumente und gerichtliche Kontrolle der Finanzaufsicht" Die Verwaltung 49.3, , 339-368.
Kaufhold, Ann-Katrin: Instrumente und gerichtliche Kontrolle der Finanzaufsicht, in: Die Verwaltung, vol. 49, iss. 3, 339-368, [online]


Instrumente und gerichtliche Kontrolle der Finanzaufsicht

Kaufhold, Ann-Katrin

Die Verwaltung, Vol. 49 (2016), Iss. 3 : pp. 339–368

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Prof. Dr. Ann-Katrin Kaufhold, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Juristische Fakultät, Professor-Huber-Platz 2, 80539 München

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  1. Vertikale Aufhebungsentscheidungen. Zu einem neuen Phänomen der Verbundverwaltung im Europäischen Bankenaufsichtsrecht

    Hilbert, Patrick

    Die Verwaltung, Vol. 50 (2017), Iss. 2 P.189 [Citations: 0]


Financial Supervision: Regulatory Instruments and Judicial Control

In order to secure financial stability EU and national policymakers have equipped financial supervisors with a wide range of instruments that follow different regulatory strategies. In response to the financial crisis of 2007/2008 these instruments have once again been substantially modified and extended. Their specific design mirrors the characteristics of the financial system and the regulatory task. In this article I analyse the structures and peculiarities of the individual supervisory instruments as well as the characteristics of this set of instruments as such. In a second step I examine the opportunities for judicial review of supervisory measures offered by EU and national law. In this study I demonstrate the inadequacy of judicial controls of information published by supervisory authorities and of supervisory measures taken by the ECB. To that extant I argue that an amendment of the European Treaties is necessary.