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Reinhard, W. Reformation als Mutation? Evolution und Geschichte. Zeitschrift für Historische Forschung, 37(4), 601-615.
Reinhard, Wolfgang "Reformation als Mutation? Evolution und Geschichte" Zeitschrift für Historische Forschung 37.4, , 601-615.
Reinhard, Wolfgang: Reformation als Mutation? Evolution und Geschichte, in: Zeitschrift für Historische Forschung, vol. 37, iss. 4, 601-615, [online]


Reformation als Mutation? Evolution und Geschichte

Reinhard, Wolfgang

Zeitschrift für Historische Forschung, Vol. 37 (2010), Iss. 4 : pp. 601–615

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1Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reinhard, Annaplatz 4a, 79100 Freiburg i. Br.

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Evolution theory can be applied to history for two reasons – first, because biology and history examine the same object, human life, and second, because also in history the principle of un-intended consequences produces anonymous processes without human direction. In that respect, to some extent biology and history use the same language. In addition, from the point of view of the history of science, evolution theory originated in the humanities. Consequently, it is possible to demonstrate how since Luther a new species of Christianity developed and succeeded in complicated processes of selection. In the process, the Reformed variation proved superior to the Lutheran one and the old church did not die out but survived by safeguarding its territory and through catching-up adaptation – down to the present day because religious evolution never stops.