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Piergiovanni, V. (Ed.) (1987). The Courts and the Development of Commercial Law. Duncker & Humblot.
Piergiovanni, Vito. The Courts and the Development of Commercial Law. Duncker & Humblot, 1987. Book.
Piergiovanni, V (ed.) (1987): The Courts and the Development of Commercial Law, Duncker & Humblot, [online]


The Courts and the Development of Commercial Law

Editors: Piergiovanni, Vito

Comparative Studies in Continental and Anglo-American Legal History, Vol. 2


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Table of Contents

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Inhaltsverzeichnis 9
Vito Piergiovanni: Courts and Commercial Law at the Beginning of the Modern Age 11
Vito Piergiovanni: The Rise of the Genoese Civil Rota in the XVIth Century: The "Decisiones de Mercatura" Concerning Insurance 23
I. The rise of the civil Rota 23
II. Events concerning the rules of the Genoese civil Rota between the XVIth and XVIIth centuries 31
III. Decisiones concerning insurance 33
Rodolfo Savelli: Between Law and Morals: Interest in the Dispute on Exchanges during the 16th Century 39
I. Sigismondo Scaccia and the problem of exchanges in Genoa 39
II. The debate of 1554 58
III. An antiformalistic reaction 77
IV. The "Decisiones Rotae Genuae de Mercatura" 87
W. D. H. Asser: Bills of Exchange and Agency in the 18th Century Law of Holland and Zeeland. Decisions of the Supreme Court of Holland and Zeeland 103
1. Introduction 103
2. The sources of exchange law in Holland during the 17th and 18th century 105
3. The administration of justice in commercial matters in Holland and Zeeland during the 17th and 18th century 108
4. Judgements as historical sources 110
5. The cases concerned 111
6. The first two cases. Acceptance of bills in general 111
7. The first two cases. Facts and decisions 114
a) Supreme Court , 27 July 1709, Romburg v. De Groot, OT 535 114
b) Supreme Court , 30 September 1744, Van der Giesen v. the Directors of the V.O.C., OTN 71 115
8. The first two cases. Review 116
9. The second group of cases. Facts and decisions 122
c) Supreme Court , 31 May 1721, Sautijn ν . Six , OT 1738 122
d) Supreme Court , 5 October 1736, Van den Bosch v. Martens, OT 2991 123
10. The second group of cases. Review 124
11. Conclusion 130
Eva-Christine Frentz: Seerechtsentwicklung durch Seerechtsprechung: Der Beitrag des Hamburgischen Admiralitätsgerichts 131
I. 131
II. 133
III. 141
IV. 152
V. 158
Christopher P. Rodgers: Continental Literature and the Development of the Common Law by the King’s Bench: c. 1750 - 1800 161
Law and Fact in Commercial Cases 161
The Role of Continental Literature 166
Maritime Law 173
Private International Law 182
Public International Law 185
The Law of Obligations 186
Conclusion 193
Knut Wolfgang Nörr: Procedure in Mercantile Matters: Some Comparative Aspects 195
Verzeichnis der Mitarbeiter 203