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Krawietz, W., MacCormick, N., Wright, G. (Eds.) (1994). Prescriptive Formality and Normative Rationality in Modern Legal Systems. »Festschrift« for Robert S. Summers. Duncker & Humblot.
Krawietz, Werner; MacCormick, Neil and Wright, Georg Henrik von. Prescriptive Formality and Normative Rationality in Modern Legal Systems: »Festschrift« for Robert S. Summers. Duncker & Humblot, 1994. Book.
Krawietz, W, MacCormick, N, Wright, G (eds.) (1994): Prescriptive Formality and Normative Rationality in Modern Legal Systems: »Festschrift« for Robert S. Summers, Duncker & Humblot, [online]


Prescriptive Formality and Normative Rationality in Modern Legal Systems

»Festschrift« for Robert S. Summers

Editors: Krawietz, Werner | MacCormick, Neil | Wright, Georg Henrik von


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Table of Contentsr XXVII
I. Definition and Theory in Jurisprudence Reconsidered 1
Aulis Aarnio, Tampere: Is Legal Science a Social Science? 3
John Bell, Leeds: Comparative Law and Legal Theory 19
Torstein Eckhoff, Oslo: Legal Principles 33
Werner Krawietz, Münster: Dual Concept of the Legal System? The Formal Character of Law from the Perspective of Institutional and Social Systems Theory 43
Neil MacCormick, Edinburgh: Four Quadrants of Jurisprudence 53
Aleksander Peczenik, Lund: Unity of the Legal System 71
Mihály Samu, Budapest: Adequacy of Societal Norm-Systems. The Issues of Modern ius et non-ius 83
II. The Concept of Law Redefined 99
Robert Alexy, Kiel: A Definition of Law 101
Ralf Dreier, Göttingen: Some Remarks on the Concept of Law 109
Kent Greenawalt, New York: Legal Reasoning and Personal Convictions 125
Sterling Harwood, San José: Conceptually Necessary Links between Law and Morality 143
Erik M. Jensen, Cleveland: Pragmatic Instrumentalism and the Future of American Legal Education 161
Enrico Pattaro, Bologna: Ethical Aspects of the Concept of Legal Standard 177
Hubert Rottleuthner, Berlin: Was it a Legal Order? 187
III. Form and Substance in Legal Argumentation: The Case of Roman, Greek, and Canon Law 205
Okko Behrends, Göttingen: Formality and Substance in Classical Roman Law 207
Jim Evans, Auckland: Aristotle’s Theory of Equity 225
Herbert Hausmaninger, Vienna: Publius Iuventius Celsus – The Profile of a Classical Roman Jurist 245
R. H. Helmholz, Chicago: Legal Formalism, Substantive Policy, and the Creation of a Canon Law of Prescription 265
J. R. Lucas, Oxford: The Lay-out of Arguments 285
Franz Wieacker, Göttingen: Historical Models for the Unification of European Law 297
IV. Legal Doctrine as Rational Reconstruction of Law 307
John J. Barceló III, Ithaca: Countervailing against Environmental Subsidies 309
Robert A. Hillman, Ithaca: Good Faith Performance of Contracts in Late Twentieth-Century American Law 327
Joachim Hruschka, Erlangen: On the History of Justification and Excuse in Cases of Necessity 337
Laird C. Kirkpatrick, Eugene: Form and Substance in American Criminal Law: The Constitutionalization of Proof Burdens 351
Russell K. Osgood, Ithaca: Robert S. Summers and Legal Process at Cornell 359
John Prebble, Wellington: Ectopia, Formalism, and Anti-Avoidance Rules in Income Tax Law 367
Michele Taruffo, Pavia: Involvement and Detachment in the Presentation of Evidence 385
James J. White, Ann Arbor: The Influence of American Legal Realism on Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code 401
V. Interpretive Formality in Different Social Contexts: The Structure of Normative Reality 423
Dan T. Coenen, Athens: The Curious Role of Interpretive Formality in American Constitutional Law 425
Richard Fentiman, Cambridge: Legal Reasoning in the Conflict of Laws: An Essay in Law and Practice 443
Peter-Christian Müller-Graff, Trier: The European Internal Market and the Law 463
Stanley L. Paulson, St. Louis: Kelsen and the Marburg School: Reconstructive and Historical Perspectives 481
Csaba Varga, Budapest: The Context of the Judicial Application of Norms 495
Dieter Wyduckel, Dresden: The Significance of History for Legal Philosophy and Positive Law 513
VI. Democratic Stability, Social Solidarity, and Constitutional Rights 529
Roger C. Cramton, Ithaca: Publicly-Funded Civil Legal Assistance for Poor People in the United States 531
Ernesto Garzón Valdés, Mainz: Constitution and Stability in Latin America 549
Arthur Kaufmann, Munich: The Small-Coin Right of Resistance. An Admonition to Civil Courage 573
Geoffrey Marshall, Oxford: The Future of Constitutional Free Speech 581
Michel Troper, Nanterre: The Interpretation of the Declaration of Human Rights by a Constitutional Judge 591
VII. Legal Positivism Revised: Anti-Formalism versus Formalism in Modern Law 603
Tom D. Campbell, Canberra: Legal Change and Legal Theory: The Context for a Revised Legal Positivism 605
Jan Hellner, Cleveland: Normative Rationality de lege ferenda and de lege lata 631
Massimo La Torre, Florence: Formalism and Anti-Formalism in Modern Law – State Law and Beyond 647
Valentin Petev, Münster: Is Contemporary Law Post-Modern? 673
Ota Weinberger, Graz: Formalism and Anti-Formalism. Reconsidering an Important Dispute in Jurisprudence 683
Robert Samuel Summers. A Bibliography of his Publications 1960–1994 693
Addresses of the Authors 703