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Doppelte Berufsrückkehr: Nachgeholte Integration von hochqualifizierten Migrantinnen

Beer, Doris

Sozialer Fortschritt, Vol. 62 (2013), Iss. 1: pp. 33–38

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Beer, Dr. Doris, Bildungs- und Sozialforschung, Stollenstraße 1, 46537 Dinslaken

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  1. Agenda HR – Digitalisierung, Arbeit 4.0, New Leadership

    Herausforderungen und Chancen der Integration von Geflüchteten in den deutschen Arbeitsmarkt

    Salzwedel, Anja

    2018 [Citations: 0]


High-skilled Female Migrants in the German Labour Market: How to Facilitate their Entry into Adequate Jobs

Training measures for, and consultations of, high-skilled female migrants in Gelsenkirchen revealed several barriers for their entry into adequate jobs. There are legal constraints, few possibilities to recognize foreign professional certificates, insufficient provision of affordable high-level German-language courses, too few opportunities for further training, conflicts between family work and demanding work time arrangements in high-skilled positions, and last, but not least, practices of misallocation and discrimination towards migrants in the employment centres. This article puts forward measures and institutional reforms in order to facilitate the access of high-skilled migrants to adequate employment in the German labour market.