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Zembylas, T. Auf den Spuren von Tacit Knowing im künstlerischen Schaffensprozess. Sociologia Internationalis, 50(1–2), 87-113.
Zembylas, Tasos "Auf den Spuren von Tacit Knowing im künstlerischen Schaffensprozess" Sociologia Internationalis 50.1–2, 2012, 87-113.
Zembylas, Tasos (2012): Auf den Spuren von Tacit Knowing im künstlerischen Schaffensprozess, in: Sociologia Internationalis, vol. 50, iss. 1–2, 87-113, [online]


Auf den Spuren von Tacit Knowing im künstlerischen Schaffensprozess

Zembylas, Tasos

Sociologia Internationalis, Vol. 50 (2012), Iss. 1–2 : pp. 87–113

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Zembylas, Tasos, Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr., Institut für Musiksoziologie, Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien, Bayerngasse 3/6, 1030 Wien.

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  1. Über das Sichtbare hinaus. Eine Soziologie künstlerischer Praxis

    Schürkmann, Christiane

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The aim of this article is to show the fruitful nexus between the sociology of arts and the epistemology of practice. Epistemology provides arts sociology with a theoretical framework for the empirical investigation of the artistic creative process. Deeper sociological insights in turn may help epistemology to locate practical artistic knowing within a socially constituted, shared institutional sphere, which has alternatively been called the art world, the artistic field or system. In order to demonstrate this nexus, the article analyses the epistemological conception of knowledge and highlights the specific assumption of the tacit-knowing-approach. Further, this theoretical analysis is linked to methodological challenges that affect empirical investigation. A particular research project based on case studies and interviews focusing on the epistemic structure of literary writing aims to deepen and substantiate the topic.