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Google Econometrics and Unemployment Forecasting



Askitas, N., Zimmermann, K. Google Econometrics and Unemployment Forecasting. Applied Economics Quarterly, 55(2), 107-120.
Askitas, Nikolaos and Zimmermann, Klaus F "Google Econometrics and Unemployment Forecasting" Applied Economics Quarterly 55.2, , 107-120.
Askitas, Nikolaos/Zimmermann, Klaus F: Google Econometrics and Unemployment Forecasting, in: Applied Economics Quarterly, vol. 55, iss. 2, 107-120, [online]


Google Econometrics and Unemployment Forecasting

Askitas, Nikolaos | Zimmermann, Klaus F

Applied Economics Quarterly, Vol. 55 (2009), Iss. 2 : pp. 107–120

290 Citations (CrossRef)

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1Nikolaos Askitas, Bonn University, IZA, 53072 Bonn, Germany.

2Klaus F. Zimmermann, Bonn University, IZA, 53072 Bonn, Germany, and DIW Berlin, Germany.

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The current economic crisis requires fast information to predict economic behavior early, which is difficult at times of structural changes. This paper suggests an innovative new method of using data on internet activity for that purpose. It demonstrates strong correlations between keyword searches and unemployment rates using monthly German data and exhibits a strong potential for the method used.

JEL Classification: C22, C82, E17, E24, E37