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Applied Economics Quarterly


Supplement Series


The Economy, Crises, and the Labor Market

Can Institutions Serve as a Protective Shield for Employment?

Applied Economics Quarterly. Supplements, Vol. 61

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Applied Economics Quarterly is an international journal publishing applied research with strong relevance for economic policy. Contributions to all arenas of economic policy are invited; in particular, growth, labor, finance and industrial organization. The journal´s goal is to enhance economic policy-making by providing a forum for innovative and rigorous research.

AEQ is particularly interested in the following types of submissions, especially those on European policy issues:

  • Empirical analyses of topics relevant to all areas of economic policy (e.g. labor and social policy, education policy, health policy, industrial policy, monetary policy, trade policy, stabilization policy and growth policy)
  • Policy evaluations
  • Cross-country studies
  • Applications of state-of-the art econometric methods
  • Shorter papers, notes and comments

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