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Ma, T. Firm Interdependency in a Mixed Oligopolistic Market. Applied Economics Quarterly, 54(2), 143-157.
Ma, Tay-Cheng "Firm Interdependency in a Mixed Oligopolistic Market" Applied Economics Quarterly 54.2, , 143-157.
Ma, Tay-Cheng: Firm Interdependency in a Mixed Oligopolistic Market, in: Applied Economics Quarterly, vol. 54, iss. 2, 143-157, [online]


Firm Interdependency in a Mixed Oligopolistic Market

Ma, Tay-Cheng

Applied Economics Quarterly, Vol. 54 (2008), Iss. 2 : pp. 143–157

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1Department of Economics, Chinese Culture University, 55, Hwa-Kang Road, Yang-Ming-Shan, Taipei, Taiwan 11114.

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  1. Assessing Market Competition in the Chinese Banking Industry Based on a Conjectural Variation Model

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This paper uses data from Taiwan's banking sector to investigate whether state-owned banks can serve as an internal regulation mechanism to sustain market competition. In contrast to the traditional second-best literature, the evidence shows that a certain degree of market coordination exists in the industry, even though the government owns most of the dominant banks in Taiwan.