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Sobek, T. Metaethics of Human Rights. . An Expressivist Approach. Rechtstheorie, 50(4), 493-520.
Sobek, Tomáš "Metaethics of Human Rights. An Expressivist Approach. " Rechtstheorie 50.4, , 493-520.
Sobek, Tomáš: Metaethics of Human Rights, in: Rechtstheorie, vol. 50, iss. 4, 493-520, [online]


Metaethics of Human Rights

An Expressivist Approach

Sobek, Tomáš

Rechtstheorie, Vol. 50 (2019), Iss. 4 : pp. 493–520

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Prof. Dr. Tomáš Sobek, Masaryk University, Faculty of Law, Department of Legal Theory, Veverˇí 158/70, 611 80 Brno, Czech Republic

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Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Tomáš Sobek: Metaethics of Human Rights 493
An Expressivist Approach 493
I. Introduction 493
II. Metaphysical realism vs. expressivism 495
III. Do they really exist? 500
IV. Nothing matters? 493
V. Cognitivist uncertainty 494
VI. Human dignity is objective 494