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A Constructivist Discourse Theory of Law



Behrendt, S. A Constructivist Discourse Theory of Law. Rechtstheorie, 51(2), 171-191.
Behrendt, Svenja "A Constructivist Discourse Theory of Law" Rechtstheorie 51.2, , 171-191.
Behrendt, Svenja: A Constructivist Discourse Theory of Law, in: Rechtstheorie, vol. 51, iss. 2, 171-191, [online]


A Constructivist Discourse Theory of Law

Behrendt, Svenja

Rechtstheorie, Vol. 51 (2020), Iss. 2 : pp. 171–191

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Svenja Behrendt

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  1. Facing the Future: Conceiving Legal Obligations Towards Future Generations

    Behrendt, Svenja

    Politics and Governance, Vol. 12 (2024), Iss. [Citations: 1]


The paper addresses the highly controversial subject of the nature of law. It attempts to present a post-modern positivist concept of law that rejects the idea that normative contents are something objective or inter-subjective as well as the existence of a unified legal order. The concept builds on elements of system and discourse theory.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Svenja Behrendt: A Constructivist Discourse Theory of Law 171
I. The inescapability of subjectivity within law and the role of legal discourse 173
II. Conceptualizing law as a subjective construct in connection to the legal discourse 179
1. The individual as the sole author of the law 179
2. The absence of a unified legal order 171
3. Approaching the legal discourse 171
4. The subjective perception of the legal discourse 171
a) Perceiving acts of communication 171
b) Perceiving an act of communication as a contribution to the legal discourse 171
5. The circle of participants in the multifaceted non-homogenous legal discourse 171
6. The processes of legal creation by concretization 171
7. The effects of the concept regarding the evolvement of a specific case 171
8. What about validity? 172