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Boukema, H. Good Law for Ungodly Morals. Rechtstheorie, 51(4), 507-525.
Boukema, H. J. M. "Good Law for Ungodly Morals" Rechtstheorie 51.4, , 507-525.
Boukema, H. J. M.: Good Law for Ungodly Morals, in: Rechtstheorie, vol. 51, iss. 4, 507-525, [online]


Good Law for Ungodly Morals

Boukema, H. J. M.

Rechtstheorie, Vol. 51 (2020), Iss. 4 : pp. 507–525

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Dr. H. J. M. Boukema, 402, Hameau les Sacquetons, F-83440 Saint-Paul-en-Forêt, France.


Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
H. J. M. Boukema: Good Law for Ungodly Morals 507
I. Introduction 507
II. Caveat 507
III. A Case in Point 508
IV. Death as a Category-Mistake 511
V. Equality for All: Really? 513
VI. Sources of Morality 515
VII. Two Survival Theories 507
VIII. A Third Survival Theory 507
IX. Conclusion 507