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Vierteljahreshefte zur Arbeits- und Wirtschaftsforschung


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The Quarterly Journal of Labour and Economic Research (VAW) publishes concise and applied research on important topics from the real economy, labor markets and other crucial and relevant areas of economic policy. Committed to this guiding principle, the VAW bundles application-oriented research on a specific topic in one thematic volume.

The journal adresses German-speaking and international researchers. In addition to the application and practice orientation, the journal is also committed to the goals of plurality, knowledge transfer and relevance. Standing in the tradition of the earlier Quarterly Journal of Economic Research, the Quarterly Journal of Labour and Economic Research (VAW) aims to provide guidance on complex economic policy issues. Labour-related topics such as the demand for labour, training and further education or specific aspects of personnel policy are considered, as are finance and transformation topics. The aim is to show new perspectives and practice-oriented solutions in the areas of interest.

Meaningful Calls for Papers, written by the respective editors, ask for submissions for the special issues on a regular basis. All contributions are evaluated in a standardized peer review process.