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Journal for Social Anthropology


Supplement Series


Dynamics of Violence

Processes of Escalation and De-Escalation in Violent Group Conflicts

Sociologus. Beihefte / Supplements, Vol. 1

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Sociologus is an internationally known, peer-reviewed journal of social anthropology. It is available online and in print and is listed in the major scholarly indexes. Founded in 1925 by Richard Thurnwald, it is one of the best-known anthropology journals in the German-speaking world. The journal is dedicated to empirical research on cultural diversity, social processes and their transformations and the contrasting forms of social relations. It has no fixed topical or regional focus, but concerns itself with the comparative interpretation and explanation of human behaviour. Its international status is underlined by the use of English as a second language of publication and the fact that more than half of the subscriptions are held by overseas institutions. Today, Sociologus aims at providing European, especially German-speaking, social anthropologists with the opportunity to contribute to international discussion and research through a publication that meets the highest international standards.

As an independent journal without an institutional affiliation or association whatsoever its editors, editorial staff and academic advisory council are responsible for the high quality of the articles. The core criterion for selection is the empirical content of a manuscript as well as its contribution to current theoretical debates in the discipline. Manuscripts are welcome at any time; they will be processed thoroughly and as promptly as possible.

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